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Tridents know how to have fun! With the snow this weekend cancelling practices, we decided to get outside and enjoy the day. And what a great turnout! We built snow forts, threw snow balls, attempted a snowy game of capture the flag, and ran around with the field all to ourselves. I think the adults actually had more fun than the kids! Though getting to throw snowballs at coaches was pretty awesome! 

New Year, New Fitness

Get fit with Trident! We are here to help your meet your goals in 2021. With so many races cancelled in 2020, we want to help you make this year count. We use TrainingPeaks advanced software to track your workouts and performance, along with heart rate and health metrics, so whether it's completing your first tri, placing in your age group or overall, or meeting health, nutrition, or fitness goals, our one-on-one coaching style can help you. Check out more details over here

Who We Are

The Trident National Team (TNT) is a family-focused, official USA Triathlon (USAT) Club serving the Alexandria, Virginia, community.  With a full suite of Swim, Bike, and Run practices for three different tiers of athlete ability, monthly meet-ups, annual retreats, personal coaching, and team attendance at a wide variety of regional competitions, TNT's Multisport community is truly unbounded!   

Go Elly!

Monthly Meet-Ups

Part of a Trident National Team annual membership includes access to all of our monthly meet-ups.  With mountain biking trips, kayaking excursions, and overnight camp-outs just to name a few, there's something outdoors for every Trident, every month!  If you're not a member already, join today!